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Bess Atwell

Hold Your Mind

cd - £11.99
local folk and singer-songwriter traditions meet a pop sensibility.

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Light Sleeper
  1. Everyone Who's Not In Love With You is Wrong
  2. Release Myself
  3. Sylvester
  4. Fan Favourite
  5. The Weeping
  6. Something Now
  7. Spinning Sun
  8. I Am Awake
  9. Crowds
  10. Light Sleeper

Bess Atwell

Light Sleeper

Real Kind
  • limited indies only clear pink lp

    Released: 24th May 2024

  • LP

    Released: 24th May 2024

  • CD

    Released: 24th May 2024


We've been rightly singing the praises of Brighton's own indie folk enchantress for a number of solar rotations and, with every fresh iteration of her charming output, we've somehow become more enamored! That she's joined forces with The National's Aaron Dessner to deliver this sumptuous collection of stirring and soulful songs, is evidence of how far and wide her melodic magic deserves to be spread.

"You called yourself broken, but that's just what people are, that's how the light gets in," sings Bess Atwell in the opening moments of Light Sleeper, before gentle hums of strings and shuffling snares make way for the Brighton singer's voice at full pelt, singing with a newfound rawness "Light Sleeper is about the willingness to feel," the Brighton singer- songwriter explains. "Somewhere along the line I had become very afraid of feeling." A huge part of this exploratory new era was Aaron Dessner, who produced Light Sleeper. His isolated cabin studio Long Pond, in Hudson Valley, was once Bess' desktop background, but she never thought she would end up star-gazing on its veranda and noodling away on the same instruments used by her heroes, not to mention a certain pop star... The immediate trust between the pair clicked the moment Atwell walked through the doors of the iconic recording space; Dessner showed her around and then promptly left her alone to play on the many instruments at the heart of her favourite The National songs. As Atwell puts it, they seemed to speak the same musical language. "I trust his ear and I knew we had the same vision" she says. Since the release of 'Already, Always' Atwell has been through a number of personal transformations including tapering off antidepressants, after "years of avoiding it". Reflections on her upbringing and re- evaluations of some of her experiences led to a autism diagnosis in May 2023, which has helped her to make sense of many different moments. Motifs of sleeping and waking run throughout Light Sleeper, which constantly stirs and settles, Atwell embracing the full range and rawness of her voice like never before. By the title- track, which closes the album, twinkling, starry synthesisers lead her to a place of quiet realisation: "I'm ready to be a light sleeper again/To wake up and feel everything/I can carry the weight of it"