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LCD Soundsystem

sound of silver (2016 reissue)

CD - £6.99
heavyweight 2lp + poster - £47.99 | Buy
Alison Goldfrapp

The Love Invention

limited selected retailers exclusive purple lp in gatefold sleeve - £26.99 | Buy
heavyweight black lp - £22.99 | Buy

cd - £13.99 | Buy
With her debut solo album - a sizzling dance-pop-disco suite - Alison’s multifaceted musicianship reaches a new peak - this marks her reawakening as a dan...
Wild Beasts

Last Night All My Dreams Came True

Indies-only white 2LP + DOWNLOAD - £25.99 | Buy
this career-spanning collection features songs from each of their studio albums, with an emphasis on ‘Boy King’, their final and most direct record ...
Joan As Police Woman

'Joanthology’ / ‘Live At The BBC’

'LIVE AT THE BBC' SKYBLUE lp + download - £23.99 | Buy
this is a stunning collection of super rare material from Joan Wasser, aka, joan as police woman.
Will Butler + Sister Squares


poster (un-signed)


  1. Open
  2. Stop Talking
  3. Willows
  4. Long Grass
  5. Me n My Friends
  6. Saturday Night
  7. Car Crash
  8. Sunlight
  9. Arrow of Time
  10. I Am Standing in a Room
  11. Good Friday 1613
  12. Old Year
  13. Hee Loop
  14. The Window

Will Butler + Sister Squares

Will Butler + Sister Squares

Merge Records
  • limited blue swirl lp in pearlescent sleeve + download + *signed poster*

    Released: 22nd Sep 2023

  • black lp in pearlescent sleeve + download

    Released: 22nd Sep 2023

  • cd

    Released: 22nd Sep 2023


Buoyant, bubbly, and brimming with a slick sense of humour, Butler's first release with Sister Squares in tow lassoes you in with its infectious energy before taking a left turn down a darker, gentler, altogether more thoughtful path.

a record with a warm, humane soul, The album projects widescreen emotional landscapes. Lead-off single “Long Grass” is like a Harry Styles song with 20 more years of life behind it. Standout track “Saturday Night” has a beat, according to Miles, “with that robot-alien-dancing-at-a-haunted-dive-bar feeling that we were going for.” The back half of the album is a danceable, weird choral record with harmonies both beautiful and dissonant. Closing song “The Window” is the comedown after the party—Julie playing a Chopin Nocturne on a three-years-out-of-tune piano, slowed to half-speed on tape with Will singing over it in a voice exactly as tired as he was