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The Gaslight Anthem

History Books

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Brian Fallon and his New Jersey boys roar back in with their feet floored and their pedals fully metalled.
Bon Iver

Bon Iver

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4 - resident top picks of 2011 so, if ever there was an album that we residents could deem to be highly anticipated, it would be this one.


  1. I Am Right On Time
  2. Modern Girl
  3. Jesus Is Dead
  4. Me Before You
  5. Alma Mater
  6. Tiny Moves
  7. isimo
  8. Woke Up Today
  9. Self Respect
  10. Hey Joe
  11. Call Me After Midnight
  12. We’re Gonna Know Each Other Forever
  13. Ordinary Heaven
  14. The Waiter
  15. I Am In Your Hands (vinyl bonus track)

  16. The Backwards Heart (vinyl bonus track)

  17. Question Mark (vinyl bonus track)

  18. The Big Bad Turnpike Ghost (vinyl bonus track)



dirty hit
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    Released: 8th Mar 2024

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    Released: 8th Mar 2024

  • cd

    Released: 8th Mar 2024


Some of that good time rock n roll but with a hearty eighties sheen - Antonoff and his fun-loving crew inject a deep-hearted pathos to the wide-screen proceedings on this tonally gorgeous 4th album.

There’s a rich depth to the band’s sound on ‘Bleachers’, laid out in bright, soulful technicolour. The album is frontman Antonoff’s distinctly New Jersey take on the bizarre sensory contradictions of modern life, on his position in culture, and the things he cares about. Sonically, it’s sad, it’s joyful, it’s music for driving on the highway to, for crying to and for dancing to at weddings. There’s something reassuringly touchable and concrete about its sentiment: exist in crazy times but remember what counts.