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All Change (2023 reissue)

180g 2lp in gatefold sleeve + 12pp booklet - £37.99 | Buy
Led by singles 'Finetime' and 'Alright', Cast's blend of ultra-melodic Merseybeat Britpop proved that they were the right band at the right ...

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Limited Indies Only 12" - £15.99 | Buy
These young upstarts brought the big rocking euphoria of their second EP to our shop floor and left a small number of t-shirts with us in the process - grab ...

Yesterday Today 1999 – 2003

limited remastered 140g colour 3lp boxset + *insert signed by all 4 band members from the period* - £79.99 | Buy
limited remastered 140g colour 3lp boxset - £79.99 | Buy
Within this boxset you’ll find the band's fourth, fifth and sixth albums; a very rare chance to own them all on vinyl if you don't already.
Love Is The Call


  1. Bluebird
  2. Forever And A Day
  3. Rain That Falls
  4. Far Away
  5. Starry Eyes
  6. Love You Like I Do
  7. Love Is The Call
  8. I Have Been Waiting
  9. Look Around
  10. Time Is Like A River
  11. Tomorrow Calls My Name


Love Is The Call

cast recordings
  • limited pink lp

    Released: 16th Feb 2024


'Love Is The Call' is an exhilarating throw-back to the band's early days, to those gloriously innocent times full of hope and dreams - the clever twist here is that John Power and co have infused their wide-eyed sounds with the experience that 30 years in the game will grant you.

Sterling stuff!Power’s gift for sparkling melodies and instantly additive hooks remains as strong as ever. As one of the most traditional guitar bands to emerge during the Brit-pop era of the mid-'90s, Cast have carved out a sound that was heavily indebted to the British Invasion of the early '60s, yet it was infused with a mystical, pseudo-hippie lyrical sensibility, which lead singer John Power expanded upon. What really made Cast into a success was Power's gift for simple, classic pop hooks, as demonstrated on the hit singles "Fine Time," "Alright," and "Walkaway." Power hints that 'Love is The Call' feels like a missing link between his time with The La’s and Cast’s first breakthrough with their debut album ‘All Change’.