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Julianna Barwick


Dead Oceans

lp + download

Released: 6th May 2016


The Brooklyn experimental artist's beguiling, beautifully complicated 3rd full length has a charged, unstable atmosphere & serves as the latest proof yet of her irresistibly engaging talent as a composer & vocalist.

Conceived & self-produced over the past year in a variety of locations, the compelling 'Will' departs from the weighty lightness of 2013’s 'Nepenthe'. If 'Nepenthe' conjured images of gentle fog rolling over desolate mountains, then 'Will' is a late afternoon thunderstorm, a cathartic collision of sharp & soft textures that sounds ominous & restorative all at once. the forward propulsion is largely owed to Will’s synth-heavy textures, an ingredient she was inspired to add to her vocal loop-heavy formula after demoing a new prototype analogue sequencer for Moog. Another new wrinkle 'Will' introduces in Barwick’s sound: Mas Ysa’s Thomas Arsenault, who lends his richly complex vocals to 'Same' & 'Someway'.




  1. St. Apolonia
  2. Nebula
  3. Beached
  4. Same
  5. Wist
  6. Big Hollow
  7. Heading Home
  8. Someway
  9. See, Know