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Take Me Apart


indies only transparent 2lp + lyrics + poster + download

Released: 6th Oct 2017


infectiously smooth r&b pop laced with woozy synths – her sound drips with a seductive darkness that compels the listener to completely lose themselves in her heady textures.

she is a must for fans of fka twigs, banks, Jessy lanza and sza. “a shape-shifting collection of 14 tracks that voyage through the full range of electronic pop, with several of the songs traversing the full spectrum on their own.” 8/10 – loud and quiet.


Take Me Apart


  1. Frontline
  2. Waitin
  3. Take Me Apart
  4. Enough
  5. Jupiter
  6. Better
  7. LMK
  8. Truth Or Dare
  9. S.O.S.
  10. Blue Light
  11. Onanon
  12. Turn To Dust
  13. Bluff
  14. Altadena