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Jane Weaver

Loops in the Secret Society


deluxe 2lp in silver foiled gatefold sleeve + download

Released: 21st Jun 2019


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Paranoid wallopers that simultaneously rail against an imposing surveillance state whilst baiting the sweatfests of pumping warehouses raves.

When science fiction turns science fact the effect can be truly momentous. The state demands that no-one wants an unlicensed machine-hum from an outbuilding; no-one wants clever prose mapping the future, no-one wants “music” that is attention-seeking, soul-defining, beneficial, biblical, baroque and beautiful. No-one told Jane Weaver that. “I’ve never felt more as though I was walking through the future than I did with this album in my ears.” 4/5 – Narc Magazine

Loops in the Secret Society


  1. Element (Loops Variation)
  2. Milk Loop
  3. Arrows (Loops Variation)
  4. Found Birds
  5. H>A>K (Loops Variation)
  6. Did You See Butterflies (Loops Variation)
  7. Sun house
  8. I Wish (Loops Variation
  9. Mission Desire (Loops Variation)
  10. Battle Ropes
  11. Found Birds
  12. Slow Motion (Loops Variation)
  13. Margins
  14. Cells (Loops Variation)
  15. Code (Loops Variation)