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Frazey Ford

U Kin B The Sun



Released: 15th May 2020



Released: 15th May 2020


on ‘u kin b the sun’, vancouver-based singer/songwriter frazey ford inhabits an entire world of shapeshifting rhythm, elevating every beat & groove with the subtle magnetism of her mesmerizing voice.

at turns ecstatic & heavy-hearted, gloriously shambolic & deeply purifying, ‘u kin b the sun’ is the outcome of a certain personal transformation that ford has experienced in recent years. with its graceful collision of soul & psychedelia & sometimes ’70s funk (a combination that she jokingly refers to as “Pagan Disco), it’s a body of work that invites both self-reflection & wildly joyful movement, & ultimately sparks a quiet transcendence. Recommended if you dig The Be Good Tanyas, Brittany Howard, Gillian Welch, Michael Kiwanuka, “a low-key delight, but a delight all the same. 4/5 - The Guardian

U Kin B The Sun


  1. Azad
  2. U and Me
  3. Money Can’t Buy
  4. Let’s Start Again
  5. Holding It Down
  6. Purple and Brown
  7. The Kids Are Having None Of It
  8. Motherfucker
  9. Golden
  10. Everywhere
  11. U Kin b the sun