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Jane Weaver

Quantify / Deep Perelle (RSD 24)

Record Store Day 2024 - 7" - £14.99
Two unreleased studio cuttings from the sessions that spawned Jane Weaver’s symphonic space pop opus ‘Love In Constant Spectacle’, produced by John Parish...
Jane Weaver

Love in Constant Spectacle

limited indies only black lp in deluxe reverse die-cut sleeve with gold foil + download - £25.99 | Pre Order
black lp in reverse die-cut sleeve + download - £22.99 | Pre Order

cd - £12.99 | Pre Order
Recalibrating her singular journey in the British musical landscape with her most open-hearted, direct and intimate collection of material yet, 'Love In Con...
Jane Weaver

Loops in the Secret Society (special edition)

deluxe bookback cd + dvd - £14.99 | Buy
as well as capturing the highlights of her ‘Loops In The Secret Society’ tour, This special edition adds seven extra tracks to the roster and includ...
  1. Heartlow
  2. The Revolution Of Super Visions
  3. Stages Of Phases
  4. Lux
  5. Modern Reputation
  6. Flock
  7. Sunset Dreams
  8. All The Things You Do
  9. Pyramid Schemes
  10. Solarised

Jane Weaver


fire records
  • "light rose" lp + download

    Released: 28th May 2021

  • lp + download

    Released: 6th Nov 2021

  • cd

    Released: 5th Mar 2021


Fizzing with the kind of glamourous textures & hooks we more readily associate with Alison Goldfrapp, Jane has mutated her cosmic sounds into a glistening post-new-normal vision.

Warm waves of jangly psych pop squelch amongst funky synth worms & discordant pop vibes. Lush!, 


Weaver’s warm waves of jangly psych pop rush against crisp hooks and rich textures for an album that somehow manages to expand on the lofty promise of ‘modern kosmology’. ‘Flock’ is the record that Jane Weaver always wanted to make, the most genuine version of herself, complete with unpretentious Day-Glo pop sensibilities, wit, kindness, humour and glamour. A consciously positive vision for negative times, a brooding and ethereal creation. The album features an untested new fusion of seemingly unrelated compounds fused into an eco-friendly hum; pop music for post-new-normal times. Created from elements that should never date, its pop music reinvented. Still prevalent are the cosmic sounds, but ‘Flock’ is a natural rebellion to the recent releases which sees her decidedly move away from conceptual roots in favour of writing pop music. Produced on a complicated diet of bygone Lebanese torch songs, 1980's Russian Aerobics records and Australian Punk. Amongst this broadcast of glistening sounds is ‘The Revolution Of Super Visions’, an untelevised Mothership connection, with Prince floating by as he plays scratchy guitar; it also features a funky whack-a-mole bass line and synth worms. It underlines the discordant pop vibe that permeates ‘Flock’ and concludes on ‘Solarised’, a super-catchy, totally infectious apocalypse, a radio-friendly groove for last dance lovers clinging together in an effort to save themselves before the end of the night. The musician’s exposure to an abundance of lost records served as a reminder that you still feel like an outsider in this world and that by overcoming fears you can achieve artistic freedom. Jane Weaver continues to metamorphise… “A mind-expanding delight, devoid of retro posturing.” The Guardian “Ominous and luminous, expansively spacious and sonically imploding, scientific, ephemeral and eternal” The Quietus