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Stay Together / The Living Dead (30th Anniversary Edition)

limited picture disc 7" in die-cut sleeve - £14.99 | Pre Order
Neither of these songs was included on the “Dog Man Star” album, released in October 1994.

Autofiction: Expanded

limited 3cd - £18.99 | Buy
Accompanying the original album on the special limited edition 3CD release are B-sides and additional album session material, as well as an ‘Autofiction&r...

Suede (30th Anniversary Edition)

half-speed master 180g black lp w/ obi strip - £32.99 | Buy
expanded 2cd w/ b-sides bonus tracks in deluxe gatefold sleeve - £21.99 | Buy
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this landmark album, Edsel is proud to present this newly mastered edition.


limited indies only grey lp in gatefold - £28.99 | Buy
180g lp in gatefold - £24.99 | Buy

cd - £13.99 | Buy
They might be embracing a greyscale aesthetic but the record is pumped up with technicolor tales of life, loss, and longing straight from the heart of primary l...


2cd + dvd - £14.99
LP - £22.99 | Buy
Borrowing heavily from David Bowie & the Smiths, Suede forge a distinctively seductive sound on their 1993 CLASSIC DEBUT.

Coming Up (25th Anniversary Edition)

2cd with deluxe book - £17.99 | Buy
Issued in 1996, “Coming Up” was Suede’s third album , and the first with the new line up , featuring Richard Oakes on guitar and Neil Codling ...
See You In The Next Life (2021 reissue)
  1. she strings
  2. elaine paige
  3. la puissance live
  4. lazy demo
  5. by the sea acoustic version
  6. indian strings protocol demo
  7. she's in fashion protocol demo
  8. simon demo
  9. beautiful loser parkgate demo
  10. when the rain falls stanbridge demo
  11. untitled stanbridge demo
  12. attitude mick jones remix
  13. still life strings


See You In The Next Life (2021 reissue)

  • 180g lp

    Released: 5th Feb 2021


After their huge success throughout the 90s , Suede called it a day (for the first time) in 2003.

The Suede Information Service (SIS) compiled and issued this special collection of demos, acoustic versions and other curios in 2004 . Only 2000 CDs were manufactured, and these were distributed free to the members of the SIS. • Whilst some of the tracks have appeared on the Edsel reissues, several tracks, including “Elaine the Mick Jones remix of the band’s last single “Attitude” and the live French version of “The Power” have not been reissued since 2004 .