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The Mono LPs


Fretsore Records Ltd

cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 23rd Apr 2021


lp (pre-order)

Expected Release: 23rd Apr 2021


Unexpected and eclectic at every turn, The Mono LPs’ sophomore effort finds a band determined to break awayfrom the conventional “second album” to deliver one more directly plugged-in to our contemporary listeninghabits.

Play it backwards, play it forwards, play it in any order; just make sure you don’t skip a beat. A recordinspired-by and intended for the digital age, ‘Shuffle/Play’ finds a band surfing through a range of moods, stylesand genres with algorithmic abandon as they seek to emulate the sensation of a playlist on random. Created byaccident, The Mono LPs started when Ste Reid chanced upon Vicky (then-Mutch), a relation of Elvis Costello, in acoffee shop. Intrigued by the huge case Vicky was holding, Ste asked her what string instrument she was playing -the rest is history. With the unusual addition of a cello into the mix, The Mono LPs’ distinct baroque-fuelled, bluesyrock ‘n’ roll sound has earned them a dedicated fanbase including Mick Jones, Alan McGee, Blood Red Shoes andThe View.