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simon goddard

Bowie Odyssey 70 - Limited Edition Collector's Hardback

omnibus press

very limited (500 only) 192pp hardback book w/ exclusive alternate cover art - 1 per customer

Released: 9th Sep 2021


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Starting at the beginning of Bowie's incredible ten-year odyssey changing the course of pop music, Simon Goddard's bold and expressionistic biography weaves time, space, rock'n'roll and social history to relive Bowie's 1970 moment by vivid moment.

'Goddard puts Bowie directly in context of current events to great effect ... Very highly recommended.' - Shindig! 'Bowieology is brought to life in brilliant inspection of one year ... this tremendously imaginative, truly riveting read finds a way to zoom in and extrapolate out ... as gripping as fiction ... God knows, this is good' - Classic Rock

Bowie Odyssey 70 - Limited Edition Collector's Hardback