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Lauren Alex Hooper


self released


Released: 15th Oct 2021


This EP is essentially a short story, a short story about my experiences with mental health up until now.

It’s been difficult and excruciating and frustrating and lonely, but it started getting better when I started writing about it and talking about it, even if it just meant I wasn’t keeping it tightly sealed inside myself. I’ve worked hard to get myself into a better place but I don’t know if the ground will ever truly settle, if I’ll dig up all the landmines. We all have our struggles, our fears, our ghosts but maybe being honest is the first step, whoever it may be with.


  1. bad night
  2. clarity
  3. sounds like hope
  4. back to life
  5. honest
  6. bad night (acoustic - the sunburst sessions)
  7. clarity (acoustic - the sunburst sessions)
  8. sounds like hope (acoustic - the sunburst sessions)
  9. back to life (acoustic - the sunburst sessions)
  10. honest (acoustic - the sunburst sessions)