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Roaring guitars yoked by metronomically meaty beats make this the most danceable ear-smasher in recent memory! And we danced to it aplenty.
Gabe Gurnsey (factory floor)


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Gurnsey’s music is like an aural cinema, conjuring multiple screenplays, usually involving the darkness.
Working Men's Club

Fear Fear

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The follow up to our AOTY 2019 deftly weaves track after track of shadowy sonic excellence into slabs of electronic euphoria that burrow deep into your brain.
Mandy, Indiana

... EP

12" - £22.99
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Anchored by a barrage of drums and Caulfeld's tenacious vocals in French, the music presents an unyielding example of the best of what the band, primed for ...

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  1. Untethered
  2. Kim
  3. Hero Man
  4. Interlude
  5. Bunker
  6. Comfort Eating
  7. The Individual
  8. Bad Dad
  9. Transit
  10. Seven (feat. Tony Njoku)
  11. Soap





Ninja Tune
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    Released: 2nd Dec 2022

  • blue lp

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    Released: 14th Oct 2022

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    Released: 2nd Dec 2022

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A blistering debut of acid squelch, industrial grind, metallic beats, sinister synths & jagged punk spirit, along with the odd moment of hushed contemplation to keep us grounded.

This tight-knit South London trio of Ella Harris & Josh Baxter (who share lead vocals as well as handling synths, guitars & production) alongside drummer & percussionist Louis Satchell, have had our pulses racing & our eyes on them for a while. Having ecstatically thrashed about to them live many times (including just last night at Chalk on the date of writing this), we know the frenetic effervescence of their dancefloor is somewhere many of us feel right at home (although if you prefer to feel right at home at home, a headphone listen is a proper treat too.

Clearly sitting comfortably amongst the class acts on the Ninja Tune roster, PVA sound ripe to gatecrash the Invada Records label to create soundtracks to dystopian movies... or even high octane blockbusters. Especially when Josh goes full industrial metal on the mic! As we said of the Working Men’s Club debut, “it’s old music for young people & young music for old people”. The same declaration applies here. Whether you’re transported back to revisit old musical acquaintances or are coming to this with none of those nostalgic reference points, theirs is a palpably contemporary & revitalising transmission. Untether yourself.

“Perfect for soundtracking that 3am dancefloor feeling - or maybe just your nightmares” - DIY