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The Slow Rush

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Like a shrooms-addled Bee Gees, Tame Impala’s glorious latest swirls in a lysergic cloud of pumping pop hooks, and dreamy electronics.


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kevin parker is back with a different kind of psych; one with beats, bright lights and disco influences - it's the australian doing what he does best and th...
lonerism (10th anniversary edition)

Side A:

  1. Be Above It
  2. Endors Toi
  3. Apocalypse Dreams

Side B:

  1. Mind Mischief
  2. Music To Walk Home By
  3. Why Won’t They Talk To Me?

Side C:

  1. Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
  2. Keep On Lying
  3. Elephant

Side D:

  1. She Just Won’t Believe Me
  2. Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control
  3. Sun’s Coming Up

Side E:

  1. Retina Show (Unreleased Demo)
  2. Sidetracked Soundtrack (Unreleased Demo)


Side F:

  1. Assorted Sketches, 2010-2012


lonerism (10th anniversary edition)

  • deluxe 3lp w/ 24pp booklet

    Released: 26th May 2023


This expanded deluxe edition of the album features the singles ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ and ‘Elephant’ amongst the original album track list, plus album demos; two of which have never been released before.

Lonerism is portable and joyous in an unforced way, a soundtrack for the times when you're walking downtown and look up at a collection of skyscrapers, or driving through a mountain pass on an interstate or even looking at a Ferris wheel next to an ocean thinking, "Holy shit, how did this all get here?" – Pitchfork, 9.0 Best New Music

“Equal parts power pop, psych and thundering rhythms, the music is a perfect union of main stage, dance tent, and 5am freak zone.” – Q Magazine

“Tame Impala rule.” - Hottest Record In The World – BBC1 / Zane Lowe

“Lonerism is liberally spiked with synths, propelling these songs even further towards the heart of the sun.” – MOJO