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> If you order a new release for delivery, we always aim to get it to you for the Friday of release but please be aware that this is dependent on the release getting to us in time to turn this around & it's then reliant on the postal service delivering to you swiftly. 

> If you order a new release to collect instore, we will notify you as soon as it's ready to collect.

> Pressing plants are under immense pressure at the moment, so many vinyl releases are being delayed. We try to keep this list up to date but we aren't always told in advance of release date changes

30th september

new releases

yeah yeah yeahs : cool it down (limited red & blue splatter lp + signed photo pack / limited yellow lp + signed photo pack / lp / cd)

shygirl : nymph (very limited resident exclusive clear cassette / very limited signed blue lp / lp / cd)

deep tan : diamond horsetail / creeping speedwells (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked 184’ – exclusive “piss kink yellow” lp (with both eps) + signed print)

bjork : fossora (limited indies burgundy 2lp / 2lp / deluxe cd / cd / cassette)

gabriels : angels & queens – part i (limited edition rsd store exclusive 140g lp / cd)

pixies : doggerel (limited yellow lp / limited red lp / deluxe cd in casebound book / cd)

denzel curry : melt my eyes, see your future  (limited transparent maroon lp / limited lp / cd)

moon duo : live at levitation (limited indies only orange swirl lp / limited purple swirl lp)

psychic ills : live at levitation (limited indies only blue swirl lp / limited red swirl lp)

inhaler : these are the days (limited 7”)

high vis : blending (limited marbled smoke lp / lp / cd)

…and you will know us by the trail of dead : xi: bleed here now (very limited indies only clear 2lp / very limited 2lp)

lambchop : the bible (limited indies only translucent galaxy colour 2lp / 2lp / cd)

slipknot : the end, so far (limited indies only yellow 2lp / limited ultra clear 2lp / cd)

preoccupations : arrangements (very limited chartreuse lp / cd)


stuart braithwaite : spaceships over glasgow (limited signed hardback book in exclusive colourway + bonus hardback folio / limited signed hardback book / hardback book)

miki berenyi : fingers crossed (limited signed hardback book / hardback book)

comps / reissues

wilco : yankee hotel foxtrot (20th anniversary edition) (limited rsd stores only creamy white 2lp / limited 2lp / limited expanded 2cd / limited deluxe 7lp boxset / limited super deluxe 8cd boxset / limited super deluxe 11lp + cd boxset)

george michael : older (2022 reissue) (very limited retail exclusive transparent green 2lp / 2lp)

george michael : older / upper (super deluxe boxset) (limited super deluxe 3lp + 5cd boxset)

lucy rose : like i used to (2022 reissue) (very limited gold lp)

jellyfish : when these memories fade (very limited multi colour 7 x 7” boxset with 3d poster & glasses)

7th  october

new releases

peel dream magazine : pad (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 215’ – exclusive numbered “wellness green” lp + 7” + poster / limited yellow lp / cd)

warrington-runcorn new town development plan : districts, roads, open space (very limited camo lp / limited green lp / limited cd)

the cult : under the midnight sun (limited indies only white lp / lp / cd)

easy life : maybe in another life (limited “tour exclusive” cd in o-card + ticket bundle / limited sunset colour lp / lp / cd)

courtney marie andrews : loose future (limited indies only red lp / lp / cd)

beyonce : renaissance (limited deluxe 2lp in hard slipcase + 1 of 3 randomly allocated posters)

totally enormous extinct dinosaurs : when the lights go (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked 187’ – exclusive numbered marbled blue 2lp in gatefold with obi strip + 12” x 12” art print)

lande hekt : house without a view (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 208’ – exclusive numbered ruby red & light blue half & half lp with alternate artwork + guitar tab zine / limited blue & pink half & half lp / cd)

bonny light horseman : rolling golden holy (limited indies only galaxy blue lp + signed print / lp / cd)

gilla band : most normal (limited blue lp / lp / cd)

carrtoons : homegrown (limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 181’ – exclusive green lp with numbered & signed insert + bonus flexi / limited pink lp / cd)

oh wonder : 22 make (signed lp / signed 2cd)

alvvays : blue rev (limited indies only crystal clear lp / limited turquoise lp / cd / cassette)

sorry : anywhere but here (limited indies only transparent bottle green lp / lp / cd / green cassette)


graham coxon : verse, chorus, monster! (very limited indies only signed hardback book in slipcase + tote bag / super limited deluxe signed & numbered hardback book in slipcase + signed & numbered art print)

comps / reissues

joni mitchell : blue (2022 reissue) (limited clear lp / lp)

warrington-runcorn new town development plan : people & industry (2022 reissue) (very limited blue lp / limited cd)

warrington-runcorn new town development plan : interim report, march 1979 (2022 reissue)
(limited cd)

basement jaxx : remedy (2022 reissue) (limited gold 2lp)

basement jaxx : rooty (2022 reissue) (limited pink + blue 2lp)

14th  october

new releases

girls in synthesis : the rest is distraction (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 217’ – exclusive “river tea” turquoise lp in alternative full colour  sleeve + flexi disc / limited grey lp / lp / cd)

grave goods : tuesday. nothing exists. (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked 206’ – exclusive hot pink lp + numbered risograph insert + handwritten notes insert / limited red lp)

the big moon : here is everything (limited transparent lp / lp / cd)

rachael dadd : kaleidoscope (limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 203’ – exclusive kaleidoscope splatter lp + bonus cd ep / limited indies only yellow lp / super limited lp / super limited cd)

pva : blush (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 210’ – exclusive numbered pink sparkle lp in gatefold + pva zine / very limited indies only blue lp in gatefold / very limited pink lp in gatefold / cd)

a. o. gerber : meet me at the gloaming (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 212’ – exclusive “golden hour” lp + signed & numbered postcard / lp)

the 1975 : being funny in a foreign language  (limited first pressing curacao blue lp with booklet / cd)

red hot chili peppers : return of the dream canteen (limited rsd stores exclusive purple 2lp / limited deluxe 2lp + poster / 2lp / cd)

the unthanks : sorrows away (180g 2lp w/laser-etched 4th side / limited edition a5 cd book w/24 page booklet / cd)

rival consoles : now is  (limited transparent blue 2lp / 2lp / cd)

plains : I walked with you a ways  (limited indies only gold lp / lp / cd)

bill callahan : yti⅃aǝя (limited 2lp / cd / cassette)


trevor horn : adventures in modern recording (very limited signed book)

comps / reissues

the the : soul mining (national album day 2022) (limited lp)

the clash :  the clash (national album day 2022)(limited transparent pink lp)

the damned :  damned damned damned (national album day 2022)(limited yellow lp)

mariah carey :  mariah carey (national album day 2022)(limited shear smoke (clear/black) colour lp)

black sabbath : black sabbath (national album day 2022) (limited purple and black splatter lp)

jennifer lopez :  on the 6 (national album day 2022) (limited clear/peach colour lp)

finley quaye :  maverick a strike (national album day 2022) (limited yellow lp)

the national : the national (national album day 2022)(limited white lp)

the police : outlandos d’amour (national album day 2022) (limited blue lp)

jamiroquai : emergency on planet earth (national album day 2022) (limited clear 2lp)

smith & burrows : funny looking angels (national album day 2022)(limited picture disc lp)

wu-tang :  enter the 36 chambers (national album day 2022)(limited gold lp)

the reds, pinks and purples : they only wanted your soul (2022 reissue) (limited blue lp)

paul weller : modern classics (limited 2lp)

sex – we are not in the least afraid of ruins : various artists (limited indies only blue 2lp / 2lp / cd)

21st october

new releases

dry cleaning : stumpwork (limited indies only eco black lp + bonus red 7” / limited white lp + bonus red 7” / limited indies only eco black lp / limited white lp / cd)

arctic monkeys : the car (limited custard lp + lyric book + download / black lp + download / cd / black cassette)

brutus : unison life (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked 213’ – exclusive numbered cloudy red lp + signed postcard set in limited edition die-cut sleeve / very limited turquoise with black & light blue splatter lp / very limited transparent orange lp / cd)

goat : oh death (limited cloudberry swirl lp / blackened black lp / cd)

taylor swift : midnights (limited lp variants / limited cd variants)

tropical fuck storm + king gizzard & the lizard wizard : satanic slumber party (limited silkscreened pink 12”)

loyle carner : hugo (very limited selected retailers only orange lp / lp / cd)

witch fever : congregation (very limited indies only pink & yellow splatter lp / lp / cd)

architects : the classic symptoms of a broken spirit (limited indies only eco mix colour lp / lp / cd)

anna calvi : tommy (very limited 12”)

the wedding present : astronomic / whodunnit (7”)


kid congo powers : some kind of new kick: a memoir (very limited signed book)

comps / reissues

queens of the stone age : queens of the stone age (2022 reissue)(limited orange lp / lp)

madonna :  erotica (2022 reissue) (limited 12" picture disc)

lou reed : words & music, may 1965 (limited super deluxe lp / limited pink lp / lp / cd / tape)

kylie minogue : impossible princess (2022 reissue) (limited selected retailers exclusive orange lp in gatefold / limited marbled colour lp in gatefold + embossed art print)

28th october

new releases

abraxas : monte carlo (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 216’ – exclusive “alien whirlpool” aqua blue with black splatter lp with obi strip + 3 x postcard set + insert / limited pink lp with obi strip / cd)

tvam : high art life (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 223’ - signed & hand numbered "blood in the water" red & blue lp with obi-strip / white lp / cd)

aoife nessa frances : protector (limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 209’ – exclusive white & blue marble splatter lp + photo print + postcard / limited white lp + signed print / lp / cd)

tom odell : best day of my life (signed indies exclusive purple lp /  signed lp /  signed cd /  signed cassette)

english teacher : polyawkward (12” ep)

dead cross : ii (limited indies only “glass coffin” lp / limited “counterfeit gold” lp / cd)

the damned : a night of a thousand vampires (super limited clear 2lp / super limited glow in the dark 2lp / super limited transparent red 2lp / super limited black 2lp / super limited 2cd + blu-ray)

lee fields : sentimental fool (limited orange lp / lp / cd)


bez : buzzin’ (very limited signed book)

iman kakai-lazell : mark lanegan – confessions, lyrics & nostalgia (limited book)

comps / reissues

the beatles : revolver (limited 5cd boxset / limited 4lp + 7" boxset / limited 2cd / 180g half speed mastered lp / cd)

grandmaster flash & the furious five : the message (2022 reissue)(limited 140g orange 12")

foo fighters : the essential foo fighters (2lp / cd)

smoke fairies : singles (very limited clear 2lp + signed print / 2lp / cd)

rival schools : united by fate (2022 reissue) (limited red lp)

4th november

new releases

companion : second day of spring (limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 198’ – exclusive pink lp + 7” + print / limited green lp)

turnover : myself in the way (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 211’ – exclusive orange lp + postcard set + uk exclusive bonus 7”)

big joanie : back home (limited red lp / lp / cd)

ezra collective : where I’m meant to be (limited indies only orange 2lp + signed  print / limited orange & yellow marbled 2lp in deluxe gatefold + photobook / 2lp / cd / cassette)

first aid kit : palomino (limited white lp / limited black lp / cd)

tsha : capricorn sun (limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 204’ – exclusive signed marbled orange 2lp + slipmat / limited marbled red 2lp / cd)

daniel avery : ultra truth (limited white 2lp / cd / cassette)

pye corner audio : let’s emerge (limited orange 10”)


nick cave : the complete lyrics: 1978–2022 (limited selected retail hardback book / paperback book)

joan armatrading : the weakness in me: selected lyrics (limited signed book)

rob halford : biblical: rob halford’s heavy metal scriptures (limited signed hardback book / hardback book)

tim burgess : the listening party volume 2 : artists, bands and fans reflect on over 90 favourite albums (limited signed hardback book / hardback book)

comps / reissues

the prodigy : the fat of the land (25th anniversary edition) (limited metallic silver 2lp)

the prodigy & andy c : firestarter (andy c remix) (limited metallic silver 12”)

pj harvey : b-sides, demos & rarities (3cd / 180g 6lp boxset)

ride : 4 eps (limited white 2lp / cd)

ride : nowhere (2022 reissue) (limited curacao blue lp / cd)

ride : going blank again (2022 reissue) (limited transparent orange 2lp / cd)

stranger things : soundtrack from the netflix series season 4 ost (very limited red 2lp / very limited 2lp)

the police : ghost in the machine (2022 reissue) ( limited edition picture disc lp)

11th november

new releases

sarathy korwar : kalak (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 218’ – exclusive numbered crystal clear lp with alternative cover art + ‘kalak’ rhythm wheel / limited indies dark green lp with alternative cover art / black lp with alternative cover art / cd with alternative cover art)

breanna barbara : nothin’ but time (limited selected indies only ‘dinked number 214’ – exclusive numbered clear with blue marble lp + flexi disc / limited indies only deluxe clear blue lp / indies only black lp / indies only cd)

christine & the queens : redcar les adorables etoiles (limited transparent red 2lp / limited 2lp / cd)

l.s. dunes : past lives (limited bubblegum pink lp / cd)

fenella (jane weaver) : the metallic index (lp + download)

sprints : literary mind (limited 7”)

mono : my story, the buraku story (an original soundtrack) (very limited transparent red lp / cd)

comps / reissues

sleeper : the it girl (deluxe edition) (limited signed transparent red lp with bonus cd + signed print)

bright eyes : I’m wide awake, it’s morning: a companion (very limited gold 12” ep)

bright eyes : digital ash in a digital urn: a companion (very limited gold 12” ep)

bright eyes : lifted or the story is in the soil, keep your ear to the ground: a companion (very limited gold 12” ep)

bright eyes : I’m wide awake, it’s morning (2022 reissue) (lp / cd)

bright eyes : digital ash in a digital urn (2022 reissue) (lp / cd)

bright eyes : lifted or the story is in the soil, keep your ear to the ground (2022 reissue) (2lp / cd)

life moves pretty fast – the john hughes mixtapes (limited red 6lp boxset / limited deluxe 4cd + cassette + 7” / 4cd / 2lp)

the human league : the virgin years (limited multicolour lp boxset)

les rallizes denudes : the oz tapes (very limited uk exclusive milky clear 2lp / 2lp)

18th november

new releases

weyes blood :  and in the darkness, hearts aglow ( indies only loser edition clear lp + 2-sided poster /  lp + two-sided poster /  cd + two-sided poster /  cassette in 4-panel j-card)

saint jude : signal (dinked 219 - very limited eco colour lp* + bonus clear 7"* + art print* + download / lp)

caitlin rose : cazimi (limited 140g transparent violet lp in gatefold / 140g black lp in gatefold / cd)

sunda arc : night land (limited clear 2lp / cd)


rick buckler & zoe howe : the jam 1982 (very limited *signed* hardback book in numbered slipcase + print)

comps / reissues

echo & the bunnymen : evergreen (limited white lp / 2cd)

sugababes : anniversary remixes (limited blue 12”)

aqualung : aqualung (2022 reissue) (limited dark green 2lp including live bonus disc + signed print)

david bowie : moonage daydream – music from the film (2cd)

royksopp : profound mysteries (vinyl boxset) (limited numbered 6lp boxset)

royksopp : profound mysteries (cd boxset) (limited 3cd boxset)

25th november

comps / reissues

the cure : wish – 30th anniversary edition (limited 2lp / limited deluxe 3cd / remastered cd)

cigarettes after sex : cigarettes after sex (2022 reissue) (limited white lp)

2nd december

new releases

self esteem : prima facie – original theatre soundtrack by rebecca lucy taylor (limited red lp)

leftfield : this is what we do (limited white 2lp / 2lp / cd)

comps / reissues

sufjan stevens : fourth of july (super limited red 7”)

aqualung : still life (first time on vinyl!) (limited sky blue 2lp including live bonus disc + signed print)

9th december

new releases

cowboy bebop (netflix series) original soundtrack : score by yoko kanno & seatbelts (limited red marble 2lp)

comps / reissues

craig armstrong : as if to nothing (20th anniversary edition) (very limited selected indies only ‘dinked archive 09’ – exclusive clear 2lp + 10” + signed booklet + numbered obi strip / 2lp / cd)

queens of the stone age : …like clockwork (2022 reissue) (limited red 2lp)

queens of the stone age : villains (2022 reissue) (limited white 2lp)

tycho : dive (10th anniversary)(limited orange & red marbled 2lp)

sam fender : live from finsbury park (limited coloured 2lp)

13th january

new releases

rozi plain : prize (dinked 220 - hand numbered translucent "streetlamp orange" lp in alternate sleeve + wall planner / indies only clear lp / lp / cd)

comps / reissues

the courteeners : st jude (2022 repress) (extended edition limited indies only grey lp w/ new cover art / extended edition 2cd / 180g lp / cd)

20th january

new releases

the murder capital : gigi's recovery (dinked 224 – clear lp + signed & numbered print / pink lp / lp / cd)

italia 90 : living human treasure (dinked 221 – numbered “mumsnet blue” lp + exclusive 7” indies only green lp / lp / cd)

slug : thy socialite! (dinked 222 – numbered “brain surgery red” lp in alternate sleeve + signed print / lp / cd)

new releases

the waeve : ‘the waeve’ (graham coxon and rose elinor dougall)(indies exclusive green 2lp + limited flexi / 2lp / cd digipack / indies exclusive green cassette)

27th january

new releases

hotel lux : hands across the creek (very limited indies only white lp / very limited blue lp)

3rd february

new releases

the go! team : get up sequences part 2 (limited indies only “colombo yellow” lp / lp / cd)

24th february

new releases

gorillaz : cracker island (limited indies only neon purple lp / lp / cd)