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> If you order a new release for delivery, we always aim to get it to you for the Friday of release but please be aware that this is dependent on the release getting to us in time to turn this around & it's then reliant on the postal service delivering to you swiftly. 

> If you order a new release to collect instore, we will notify you as soon as it's ready to collect.

> Pressing plants are under immense pressure at the moment, so many vinyl releases are being delayed. We try to keep this list up to date but we aren't always told in advance of release date changes

2nd june

new releases

baxter dury: i thought i was better than you (limited indies only pink lp / lp / cd)

protomartyr : formal growth in the desert (limited indies only translucent blue lp + limited indies only slipmat / lp / cd)

the royston club : shaking hips and crashing cars (signed limited grey marbled lp / signed black lp / signed cd)

foo fighters : but here we are (limited white lp / limited black lp / cd)

bob dylan : shadow kingdom (very limited 2lp / cd)

beach fossils : bunny (limited indies only transparent sea glass lp + selected indies only signed print / limited powder blue lp / cd / cassette)

noel gallagher’s high flying birds : council skies (lp + bonus 7” / limited deluxe 2cd / cd)

lanterns on the lake : versions of us (transparent orange lp / cd)

sophie ellis-bextor : hana (limited sandstone lp / ice blue lp / cd)

the alarm : forwards (limited indies only green lp in metallic sleeve / limited white lp / cd)

cowboy junkies : such ferocious beauty (limited tan colour lp / cd)

ben folds : what matters most (limited indies only gold lp / lp / cd)

Bully : lucky for you (limited “loser edition” blue lp / lp / cd / cassette)

jake shears (scissor sisters) : last man dancing (limited deluxe orange marble lp + signed postcard / limited clear lp + signed postcard / cd + signed postcard)


Audrey Golden : I Thought I Heard You Speak : Women at Factory Records (signed book)

comps / reissues

cranes : john peel sessions 1989 - 1990 (dinked archive 11 – silver lp + print / lp)

malcolm mclaren : duck rock (40th anniversary edition) (limited lp + bonus 12” + indies only “duck for the oyster” print)

tom waits : closing time (50th anniversary edition) (super limited indies only clear 2lp)

donna summer : love to love you baby (pride edition) (super limited rainbow colour 12” picture disc)

warrington-runcorn new town development plan : districts, roads, open space (limited clear & black smoke lp)

de la soul : stakes is high (2023 reissue) (indies only 2lp / indies only cd / indies only cassette)

t. rex : 20th century boy (50th anniversary edition) (limited picture disc 7”)

t. rex : the groover (50th anniversary edition) (limited picture disc 7”)

Curve : blackerthreetracker (2023 reissue) (very limited numbered smoke colour 12” ep)

Curve : blackerthreetrackertwo (2023 reissue) (very limited numbered silver & red marble 12” ep)

Curve : superblaster (2023 reissue) (very limited numbered “flaming” colour 12”)

joy division : love will tear us apart (2023 reissue) (limited glow in the dark 12” / limited purple & black splatter 7” / limited silver 7”)

drive (original motion picture soundtrack) : music by cliff martinez & various artists (2023 repress) (limited glow in the dark 2lp in deluxe gatefold sleeve)

new fast automatic daffodils : [pias] 40 (limited 12”)

the wedding present : watusi (2023 reissue) (lp)

...and you will know us by the trail of dead : tao of the dead (2023 reissue) (limited gold 2lp / 2lp)


robin pecknold : wading in waist-high water: the lyrics of fleet foxes (limited signed hardback book / hardback book)

9th june

new releases

dream wife : social lubrication (limited deluxe red & black lp with alternate cover + bonus flexi + signed postcard / limited red lp / cd + signed postcard)

squid : o monolith (limited transparent blue lp / lp / cd)

this is the kit : careful of your keepers (signed limited dark green lp / signed lp / signed cd / signed cassette)

christine and the queens : paranoia, angels, true love (limited black 3lp / limited 3cd / limited black lp / limited cd)

Gengahr : red sun titans (signed limited white lp / signed cd)

James : be opened by the wonderful (limited retail exclusive white 2lp / black 2lp / 2cd)

jenny lewis : joy’all (limited selected retailers exclusive green lp / lp / cd)

jason isbell & the 400 unit : weathervanes (limited indies only natural colour 2lp / 2lp / cd)

janelle monae : the age of pleasure (limited selected retailers exclusive orange lp / black lp / cd)

king krule : Space Heavy (limited clear lp / lp / cd)


geezer butler (black sabbath) : into the void : from birth to black sabbath - and beyond (signed hardback book / hardback book)

bob stanley : bee gees : children of the world (limited signed hardback book / hardback book)

comps / reissues

savage garden : savage garden (25th anniversary edition) (limited white 2lp)

Tears For Fears : The Hurting (Half Speed Master) (lp)

16th june

new releases

lorelle meets the obsolete : datura (dinked 243 - very limited "espejo rojo" (red mirror) lp* in mirrorboard sleeve* w/ holographic sticker* + postcard (1 of 7)* + download / limited blue lp / cd)

the teskey brothers : the winding way (signed limited indies white lp / signed lp / signed cd)

queens of the stone age : in times new roman... (limited green 2lp / limited silver 2lp / limited blue 2lp / limited red 2lp / black 2lp / cd)

creep show (john grant & wrangler) : yawning abyss (signed limited transparent yellow lp / signed cd)

little simz : no thank you (limited indies only red & yellow split 2lp / clear 2lp / cd)

emeli sande / john grant : the endless coloured ways singles: part 5 (limited 7”)

killer mike (run the jewels) : michael (limited amber 2lp / 2lp / cd)

ben howard : is it? (limited selected retail only blue lp in red sleeve + print / lp / cd)

comps / reissues

the fall : the marshall suite (2023 reissue) (limited numbered red 2lp)

pet shop boys : smash - the singles 1985-2020 (3cd / 3cd + 2 x blu-ray / 6lp boxset)

dannii Minogue : neon nights (20th anniversary edition) (limited picture disc lp / cd + dvd)

drive-by truckers : the complete dirty south (“reposado” 2lp with perfect bound book / 2cd with perfect bound book)

bright eyes : cassadaga: a companion (limited gold 12” ep)

bright eyes : noise floor (rarities: 1998-2005): a companion (limited gold 12” ep)

bright eyes : the people's key: a companion (limited gold 12” ep)

world party : egyptology (2023 reissue) (limited egyptian blue & gold 2lp / 2lp / cd)

23rd june

new releases

canned pineapple : canned pineapple ep (signed super limited orange 7” ep)

Swans : the beggar (limited 2lp / 2cd)

Whitelands : remixes (super limited orange 10”)

Ryuichi Sakamoto : 12 (limited lp / cd)

comps / reissues

Madonna : finally enough love: fifty number ones (rainbow edition) (limited “pride” colour 6lp boxset)

Bros : push (35th anniversary edition) (limited numbered translucent blue lp)

Mew : frengers (20th anniversary edition) : (limited numbered gold lp)

helen love : yeah yeah we’re helen love (very limited pink & green 2lp / 2cd)

30th june

new releases

bdrmm : i don’t know (resident exclusive yellow lp + signed print / limited white marble lp / lp / cd)

grian chatten (fontaines d.c.) : chaos for the fly (very limited indies only white lp + signed print / lp / cd)

jim bob : thanks for reaching out (limited purple lp with calendar / deluxe 2cd with alternate cover art / limited cassette)

do nothing : snake sideways (limited indies only cream lp / lp / cd)

kieran hebden (four tet) & william tyler : darkness darkness / no services (limited 12”)

comps / reissues

stone foundation : standing in the light - 25 years of stone foundation (signed limited indies only clear 2lp / limited selected retailers exclusive 5cd boxset / 2lp / 2cd)

camera obscura : underachievers, please try harder (2023 repress) (limited orange lp / cd)

camera obscura : let's get out of this country (2023 repress) (limited clear lp / cd)

adam green (the moldy peaches) : friends of mine (20th anniversary edition) (2lp / 2cd)

MARIANNE FAITHFULL : Before the Poison (2023 reissue) (limited clear lp)

neko case : wild creatures (limited eco mix 2lp / cd)

7th july

new releases

julie byrne : the greater wings (limited indies only sky blue lp / lp / cd)

pj harvey : i inside the old year dying (limited black p / cd)

the endless coloured ways: the songs of nick drake : various artists (limited indies only grey 2lp + nick drake 7” / black 2lp / 2cd)

penguin café : rain before seven… (signed limited clear lp / signed lp / signed cd)

gabriels : angels & queens (limited rsd stores exclusive silver lp / 140g lp / deluxe cd with bonus tracks / cd)

Unloved : Killing Eve'r - Ode To The Lovers (limited white with pink splatter lp in die-cut sleeve)

anohni and the johnsons : my back was a bridge for you to cross (limited white lp / black lp / cd)

the pigeon detectives : tv show (limited indies only black & white marbled lp / lp / cd)

african head charge : a trip to bolgatanga (limited glow in the dark lp / lp / cd)

NOTHING BUT THIEVES : Dead Club City (limited indies only milky clear lp / lp / cd)


miki berenyi : fingers crossed: how music saved me from success (limited signed paperback book)

comps / reissues

Suede : suede (30th anniversary edition) (180g black lp with obi-strip / 2cd with b-sides bonus tracks)

Suede : the drowners / to the birds (30th anniversary edition) (limited picture disc 7”)

saves the day : stay what you are (2023 reissue) (limited splatter 2 x 10” lp in numbered gatefold)

sandwell district : feed forward (2023 reissue) (limited black 3lp boxset)

wham! : the singles: echoes from the edge of heaven (limited retail exclusive blue 2lp / limited black 2lp / cd / limited 10cd boxset / limited deluxe 11 x 7” boxset with hardback book + bonus mix cassette + key ring + badge + postcards + numbered certificate)

arthur baker presents dance masters - arthur baker (black 6lp boxset with signed insert / black 2lp / 4cd)

joni mitchell : song to a seagull (2023 reissue) (limited yellow lp / black lp)

joni mitchell : clouds (2023 reissue) (limited orange lp / lp)

14th july

new releases

PVRIS : EVERGREEN (limited silver lp / cd)

hot face : dura dura (very limited 7”)

exit north : anyway, still (very limited black 2lp)

Claud : supermodels (limited milky clear lp + exclusive *signed* print + *resident exclusive* download / lp + *resident exclusive* download / cd + *resident exclusive* download / cassette + *resident exclusive* download)

night beats : rajan (limited indies only “dying red giant” lp / jade green lp / cd)

comps / reissues

charli xcx : pop 2 (5 year anniversary reissue) (limited purple lp in mirrorboard sleeve)

Codeine : frigid stars (2023 reissue) (limited “heat death” clear with black splatter lp / lp / cd)

Codeine : barely real (2023 reissue) (limited “upper belvedere” clear blue with green splatter 12” ep / 12” ep / cassette ep)

Codeine : the white birch (2023 reissue) (limited “washed up” clear with white splatter lp / lp / cassette)

r.e.m. around the sun (2023 reissue) (limited black 2lp)

r.e.m. : collapse into now (2023 reissue) (limited black lp)

21st july

new releases

Blur : the ballad of darren (limited indies only ocean blue lp / lp / deluxe cd with 2 bonus tracks / cd)

comps / reissues

lounge psychedelique (the best of lounge & exotica 1954-2022) (limited indies only mint green 2lp / black 2lp / cd)

28th july

new releases

dexys : the feminine divine (limited indies only purple lp + signed print / lp / cd / cassette)

dot allison : consciousology (dinked 244 - very limited "flax flower" blue lp w/ alternative sleeve art + signed art print + download / limited orange lp / cd)

Georgia : euphoric (signed limited retail exclusive amethyst lp in mirrorboard sleeve / signed lp / signed cd / signed cassette)

4th august

new releases

caroline polachek : desire, i want to turn into you (limited indies only tiger eye lp / limited metallic copper lp / cd)

girl ray : Prestige (limited mimosa yellow lp + signed print / cd)

miles kane : one man band (limited clear lp / lp / cd)

comps / reissues

speedy wunderground – the dubs – vol. 1 : various artists (super limited selected indies only 10 x 7” boxset)

snow patrol : final straw (20th anniversary edition) (limited gold 2lp / 2cd)

11th august

new releases

public image ltd : end of world (limited white 2lp / black 2lp / cd)

the sherlocks : people like me and you (limited indies only tri-colour lp / lp / cd)

Jungle : volcano (limited orange & transparent splatter lp / lp / cd)

the hives : the death of randy fitzsimmons (limited indies only off-white lp / lp / cd)

bonnie "prince" billy : keeping secrets will destroy you (limited rose colour lp / black lp / cd)

18th august

new releases

OSEES : Intercepted Message (limited indies only aqua blue lp / lp / cd)

Hozier : unreal unearth (limited marbled light umber colour 2lp / black 2lp / cd)

local natives : time will wait for no one (limited indies only canary yellow lp / lp / cd)

comps / reissues

talking heads : stop making sense (deluxe edition) (limited 2lp)

25th august

new releases

willie j healey : bunny (limited signed indies only clear lp / limited signed black lp / limited signed cd)

1st september

comps / reissues

the boo radleys : giant steps (30th anniversary edition) (dinked archive no. 14 - limited numbered* "marble" colour 2lp* + black 12" w/ 4 bonus tracks* + art print in sleeve w/ dinked archive obi strip* / limited indies only orange & purple 2lp + black 10" w/ 2 bonus tracks / 2lp)

Pretenders : relentless (limited first press baby pink lp / cd)

8th september

new releases

The Coral : Sea Of Mirrors (dinked 246 - limited numbered* "colorama" heavy splatter lp with obi strip + bonus 7" + signed print / limited indies only 3-colour marbled lp / black lp / cd)

The Coral : Holy Joe’s Coral Island Medicine Show (lp / cd)

roisin murphy : hit parade (limited deluxe purple marbled 2lp with bonus track / black 2lp / cd)

pale blue eyes : this house (signed limited indies only green lp + postcard / signed limited clear lp / signed cd)

royal blood : back to the water below (limited clear lp / black lp / cd)

comps / reissues

friendly fires : friendly fires (15th anniversary edition) (limited silver lp)

15th september

new releases

nation of language : strange disciple (limited clear lp / lp / cd)


alan mcgee : how to run an indie label (signed hardback book)

22nd september

new releases

das koolies (super furry animals) : dk.01 (dinked 242 - limited numbered recycled colour 2lp + bonus 7" w/ 2 exclusive tracks* + signed print* in sleeve w/ exclusive artwork*)

TEENAGE FANCLUB : Nothing Lasts Forever (limited translucent red lp + signed print / black lp / cd / cassette)

kylie Minogue : tension (limited indies only transparent orange lp in alternate sleeve / lp / deluxe cd in casebound book with bonus tracks / cd)


lol tolhurst : goth: a history (limited signed hardback book)

comps / reissues

the new pornographers : electric version (20th anniversary revisionist history edition) (limited blue lp)

29th september

new releases

don letts : outta sync (limited indies only green lp / lp / cd)

Jorja Smith : falling or flying (limited indies only lp with deluxe 12” x 12” stitch bound booklet / lp / cd)

6th october

new releases

KEVIN MORBY : More Photographs (A Continuum) (limited coke bottle clear lp / lp)

20th october

new releases

THE GOA EXPRESS : THE GOA EXPRESS (dinked 245 - very limited "rhubarb & custard colour" lp with alternate artwork + signed & numbered o-card / black lp / cd)


sly stone : thank you (falettinme be mice elf agin) (very limited *signed* special edition hardback book in deluxe case / hardback book)

Daniel Rachel : Too Much Too Young: The 2 Tone Records Story Rude Boys, Racism and the Soundtrack of a Generation (RECORD SHOPs EXCLUSIVE *SIGNED* hardback book with 4 postcards / hardback book)

26th october


Thurston Moore : Sonic Life: a memoir (limited signed hardback book)

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