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let them eat vinyl

clear lp

Released: 7th Oct 2013


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it’s 1986 & the dead kennedys go out in a blaze of snarling, defiant glory on their final studio release.

they drub a bushel basket's worth of entrenched interests, including scientists, the military, the power hungry, macho attitudes, classicism, lie detectors, reagan & his economic policies, the press, the entertainment industry, & the commercialisation of rock & revolutionary attitudes. the album's manic speed punk style recalls ‘in god we trust inc.’, particularly on the frenetic cover of johnny paycheck's hit ‘take this job & shove it.’ when the tempo slows, a few songs resemble frantic rockabilly; of these, ‘hop with the jetset’ lampoons the privileged classes, ‘i spy’ savages government agents, & ‘where do ya draw the line’ is a plea in favour of anarchy. 1000 ONLY LIMITED EDITION on FANTASTIC 140 GRAM CLEAR VINYL.