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night beats

sonic bloom

reverberation appreciation


Released: 2nd Oct 2013


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an explosion of reverb-soaked rock & soul blended with sharp, classic rhythm & blues founded tracks.

recorded in a tacoma, washington warehouse, 'sonic bloom' is the frenzied sonic assault of danny lee blackwell (guitar / vocals), tarke wegner (bass / vocals) & james trager (drums / vocals) from the haunting psychic groove of ‘seven poison wonders’ to the sparse zombies-influenced ‘playing dead’ to the squealing ruckus of ‘rat king’, 'sonic bloom' harks back to the outer corners of rock & roll radio of yore.

sonic bloom


  1. Love Ain’t Strange
  2. Sonic Bloom
  3. Playing Dead
  4. Outta Mind
  5. Real Change
  6. Satisfy Your Mind
  7. Catch A Ride To Sonic Bloom
  8. The 7 Poison Wonders
  9. As You Want
  10. The Hidden Circle
  11. Rat King
  12. At The Gates
  13. The New World