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Fourth Album
  1. Introduction
  2. Death
  3. Free Wifi
  5. Interlude
  6. Death (pt.2)
  7. mdhvn
  9. Heaven Is Each Other
  10. Second Introduction
  11. Wands
  12. C (Featuring the voice of Fred Moten)

Markus Floats

Fourth Album

  • cd

    Released: 20th Oct 2023


Signature avant-electronic explorations of arpeggiated and timbral transformation, subtle shifts in harmonic consonance and dissonance, and a through-composed praxis that draws coterminously upon free jazz, musique concrète and modern Minimalism, all continue to shape 'Fourth Album' to great effect.

But an additional palette of sonic and gestural raw material is now also decidedly “out-of-the-box”, charting a wider range of gestures, textures and temporalities. 'Fourth Album' complexifies and intensifies across its 12 tracks, thematizing dualities and introducing new elements of play and accident, even a sort of looseness here and there, as it conjures communal expressivity within shorter, still scrupulous formal structures. 'Fourth Album' also for the first time includes spoken word as a recorded element, previously only (and always) a feature of Markus Floats live performances. The album’s final track samples the poet and activist Fred Moten, closing with these words: “What we’ve been trying to figure out how to get to is how we are when we get together to try to figure it out.” This koan of socially-engaged process and creation/advancement of meaning through praxis and immanence reflects the unique fusion of intangible materiality and affective sensibility at work in Markus Floats music, unfolding in new depths and currents with 'Fourth Album'.