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From dancefloor sizzlers to bass-y throbbers, this mix from the Disclosure lads practically drips with ceiling sweat coating the booming basement it was born to...
  1. Looking For Love
  2. Simply Won't Do
  3. Higher Than Ever Before
  4. A Little Bit
  5. Go The Distance
  6. Someday...
  7. We Were In Love
  8. Sun Showers
  9. Purify
  10. Brown Eyes
  11. Talk On The Phone



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    Released: 15th Dec 2023


The UK's finest purveyors of dancefloor dynamite, Disclosure, return with their fourth album, ‘Alchemy’.

The super duo, consisting of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, are one the world's most celebrated and well known electronic acts. The album sees the duo produce the first Disclosure album with no features. A deeply personal album for Howard lyrically, ‘Alchemy’ also showcases Guy as a producer at the top of his game.