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  1. Variations (Side A - 18 mins 54 secs)
  2. Variations (Side B - 15 mins 43 secs)



  • CD

    Released: 8th Dec 2023


Robert Hood's techno and Femi Kuti's Afrobeat intertwine in a new form where jazz-grooves reign supreme.

For the fourth season of La Compagnie des Indes & Sourdoreille "Variations" live series of creations for France TV, the duo were united around the singer and producer James Brown, performing a tribute to the legendary Godfather of Soul who passed away in 2006. This "Variations" album is the live recording of this unique collaboration and performance, capturing a very special moment in time. The evening witnessed a meeting of two icons in their own genres: one with synths and drum machines, the other on saxophone: Robert Hood and Femi Kuti embody excellence in their respective fields and the pair combined to make something truly unique, soulful, funky and spontaneous. Recorded in one 30+ minute take, "Variations" is embellished by Femi's exquisitely free-flowing yet restrained saxophone, whilst Hood anchors the groove with layers of pads and kicks with the long-time mastery of a true DJ.