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SOLARIS (2024 Repress)

140g 2lp - £42.99 | Pre Order
Originally issued in September 2000, 'Solaris' consolidated Rupert Parkes' role as an unmistakable force within the realm of underground dance, wrong-footing so...
MODUS OPERANDI (2023 reissue)
  1. The Hidden Camera
  2. Smoke Rings
  3. Minotaur
  4. Aleph 1
  5. 124
  6. Axiom
  7. Trans 7
  8. Modus Operandi
  9. KJZ
  10. The Fifth Column


MODUS OPERANDI (2023 reissue)

  • 140g 3lp

    Released: 15th Dec 2023


Originally issued on Science/Virgin in September 1997, 'Modus Operandi' established Rupert Parkes as an unmistakable force within the realm of drum and bass and downtempo.

Whether replacing a much-loved original, or adding to a collection afresh, this is a superior way to enjoy such enduring and influential music. ORIGINAL COPIES are HARD TO COME BY, AND GO FOR £75 UPWARDS IF YOU CAN FIND one, so this really is a crucial repress