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Birds Catching Fire In The Sky
  1. Habibi (feat. Dali de Saint Paul)
  2. La Stessa Croce
  3. Dar El Fouad
  4. Nocturne Vulgaire
  5. Rabbia
  6. Vulnera


Birds Catching Fire In The Sky

the state51 conspiracy
  • super limited "nuclear" yellow & black lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 19th Jan 2024


'Birds Catching Fire In The Sky' features genre-defying experimental electronic music by the celebrated, London-based collective, UKAEA.

Led by producer-musician Dan Jones, 'Birds Catching Fire In The Sky' is UKAEA’s innovative and bold second album, released via revered experimental music label, The state51 Conspiracy. An adventurous response to the imagined, post-capitalist futures of accelerationist electronica, a buzzing, radioactive, charred monument from a notional, hopefully avoidable dystopia to come – 'Birds Catching Fire In The Sky' is a lamentation in an age of mechanical violence but also a celebration of human defiance and endurance.

The properties that combine to make up this stormer of an album are evident from the outset – each of the album’s six tracks showcases a unique vocalist, irreplicable in approach and performance, amidst concussive rhythms that rain down from all sides, all angles, as if unleashed by extra-terrestrial automatons raining down vicious beams, bass broadsides, metallic limbs stalking across a detritus filled, scorched landscape. The sense of caustic synth abrasion fleetingly recalls the visceral, deconstructed avant-club of Slikback or the electro-industrial music of Skinny Puppy. Elsewhere, there are reminders of the expansionist, psychedelic gabber of Gabber Modus Operandi, the transformative avant-pop of Arca and on “Habibi”, Dali de St Paul’s declamatory vocals, faintly reminds of Diamanda Galas, whilst Agatha Max’s violins resound unbowed even as the skies turn phosphorescent.