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A blend of Emika's neoclassical, descending melodies, signature, breathy vocals, icy pianos, heavy sub-bass vibrations and layered hazy beats.


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very much steeped in the berlin sound, emika’s debut is a spectacular meeting of goth-noir, minimal techno & dubstep.
Transcended Before Me Feat Horace Andy (RSD 24)
  1. Transcended Before Me Feat. Horace Andy
  2. Transcended Before Me feat. Horace Andy (Emika's Instrumental Mix
  3. Transcended Before Me feat. Horace Andy (Emika's Violin SebasYan Mix


Transcended Before Me Feat Horace Andy (RSD 24)

Emika Records
  • Record Store Day 2024 - 12"

    Released: 20th Apr 2024

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*”Transcended Before Me” featuring Horace Andy takes us deep into the universe.

Icey, blue, dreamy, hypnoYc, *The song features soul singer Horace Andy who sings from his heart about how “the things you love the best, never ever stay, you try to hold onto it, it slips away…” Emika’s repeYYve “come, come, come” sonic hook guides us through and epic journey of transcendental woosh sounds, *Beethoven-esque piano bass stabs, symphonic synth harmony, and in unforgeRable marching beat and puts hip-hop, trip-hop and techno into a new dimension