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Mod Prog Sic
  1. Bad Bet
  2. Tuned Out
  3. Swinging
  4. Scramblehead
  5. White Sugar
  6. Plasma
  7. Big Chip
  8. All The Way
  9. Scramblehead II
  10. Jocko
  11. Downward Arrow
  12. Scramblehead III

Black Dice

Mod Prog Sic

  • LP

    Released: 3rd Dec 2021


The album is the band at their peak, combining twisted rhythms and sharp, beamed-in guitar melodies and vocals.

The album packs twists and turns all along the way, morphing and changing shape, creating a truly alien form of classic rock and some of the most timeless and unique leftfeld electronic music being made today. This is Black Dice's 25th year as a band and they sound as unto themselves as they did in 1997, even while sounding nothing like the screamo punk of their Providence days.