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Loraine James

Building Something Beautiful For Me

lp - £18.99 | Buy
Celebrated UK producer Loraine James joins Phantom Limb for breathtaking homage to vital NYC composer Julius Eastman, reinterpreting, reimagining and responding...

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HTRK mint their N & J Blueberries label with a startling 5th studio album, finding the duo stripped to a quietly cathartic quintessence of heartbreaking voc...
Rian Treanor

File Under UK Metaplasm

limited neon yellow lp - £19.99
Rian Treanor returns to Planet Mu for his raw and energetic second album "File Under UK Metaplasm".
Rainy Miller x Space Afrika

A Grisaille Wedding

limited black lp - £25.99 | Pre Order
an immersive experience that fills the space these artists have come to dwell in during their creative journeys.
Gentle Confrontation
  1. Gentle Confrontation
  2. 2003
  3. Let U Go ft. keiyaA
  4. Déjà Vu ft. RiTchie
  5. Prelude of Tired of Me
  6. Glitch The System (Glitch Bitch 2)
  7. I DM U
  8. One Way Ticket To The Midwest (Emo) ft. Corey Mastrangelo
  9. Cards With The Grandparents
  10. While They Were Singing ft. Marina Herlop
  11. Try For Me ft. Eden Samara
  12. Tired Of Me
  13. Speechless ft. George Riley
  14. Disjointed (Feeling Like A Kid Again)
  15. I’m Trying To Love Myself
  16. Saying Goodbye ft. Contour
  17. CD BONUS TRACK : Scepticism with Joy ft. Mouse on the Keys

Loraine James

Gentle Confrontation

  • 2lp

    Released: 22nd Sep 2023

  • cd with bonus track (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 22nd Sep 2023


James manouevres through exploratory electronic landscapes with guile and a glint in her eye, leaving remnants of genres in her elusive dust.

A tumble of footwork here, a waft of ambient there, a ghost of techno left clutching desperately at the vigorously scattered drums - her path is one to be followed.