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cowboy angels

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Released: 11th Apr 2012


this 1975 broadcast, aired from san francisco, sees the hot band support the full magnificence of harris’ voice.

the recording featured here includes james burton & glen d. hardin, both of whom had played in elvis group, & rodney crowell, the young texan songwriter & guitarist whose compositions emmylou was now championing. it was a testament to the girl’s talents that she could attract musicians of this calibre at this formative stage in her own solo career. this truly wonderful performance offers a tantalising glimpse of such talents. the 15 tracks include ‘coat of many colours’, ‘bluebird wine’ & ‘jambalaya’.

cowboy angels


  1. Cash on the Barrel Head
  2. Thats All It Took
  3. Feelin Single, Seein Double
  4. Coat of Many Colors
  5. Amarillo
  6. Together Again
  7. Return of the Grievous Angel
  8. Bluebird Wine
  9. Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down
  10. Boulder to Birmingham
  11. Cry One More Time
  12. Ooh Las Vegas
  13. Shop Around
  14. Hickory Wind
  15. Jambalaya