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ymca 2/8/79


limited 180g lp

Released: 30th Apr 2013


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first time official issue of this previously unissued classic & historical london live performance from 1979.

a rare chance to hear historic performances of 'transmissiion', 'shadowplay', 'atrocity exhibition', 'she's lost control' & more. recorded live in august 1979 as part of a series of 4 legendary post punk gigs that included throbbing gristle, echo & the bunnymen, red crayola & cabaret voltaire.

ymca 2/8/79


  1. Dead Souls
  2. Disorder
  3. Wilderness
  4. Autosuggestion
  5. Transmission
  6. Day of The Lords
  7. She's Lost Control
  8. Shadowplay
  9. Atrocity Exhibition
  10. Insight