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  1. Rise Above
  2. Goldilocks
  3. Good Socks (Happy)
  4. Winter Constellations
  5. Wacky
  6. Mudlark
  7. Mother / Child
  8. Chaos / Magic
  9. Dr. No
  10. Shea
  11. Pictured Rocks
  12. Ode 222 You

Odetta Hartman


  • limited milky clear lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 22nd Mar 2024

  • cd (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 22nd Mar 2024


Self-described as "cowboy soul, future folk", NYC/DC artist Odetta Hartman’s sound is both traditional and modern; that modernity often featuring through the spacey and fragmented production of her partner Jack Inslee.

'Swansongs' is a dynamic and powerful reflection of love and ambition, hopeful, energetic and at times chaotic but always captivating. Following her debut mini-LP '222' and 'Old Rockhounds Never Die', which saw her touring her unique performance style, part Jack White rock and roll folk blues, part electronic experimentations, with the likes of Let's Eat Grandma, Cosmo Sheldrake and Skullcrusher, this release finds her with her strongest set of songs to date - another fever dream of a record including the experimental pop of 'Goldilocks', the dramatic string lead 'Dr. No.'