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  1. Life In Reverse
  2. Animal In My Head
  3. Same Beat
  4. How to Keep Cool
  5. Marenas Bop
  6. Scrub (cd only)
  7. A Proposito dei Napoli
  8. Le Glissement Progressif du Plaisir
  9. Jean-Luc Godard
  10. Stretto Bongo
  11. Funkabilly
  12. Born to Love
  13. I’m Glad I’m Free (cd only)
  14. Remember Caribou (cd only)
  15. Kiss My Knee (cd only)
  16. Life In Reverse (demo version) (cd only)
  17. Dim the Light (cd only)



les disques du crepuscule
  • very limited remastered blue lp + download (500 only)

    Released: 23rd Feb 2024

  • CD

    Released: 23rd Feb 2024


A unique anthology by artful Brussels post-punk-funk band, Marine, fondly remembered for their dazzling debut single, ‘Life In Reverse’, in 1981, and now back with a clutch of brand new studio tracks.

Finally heeding desperate pleas from Crepuscule that his sensational first band never cut an album, Marc has written and recorded another 6 remarkably authentic-sounding Marine songs with help from like-minded friends in Brussels and Paris, once more drawing on a heady mix of supercool funkabilly, jazz and soundtrack influences. ‘It was an incredibly strange experience to revisit my past,’ says Marc, ‘but definitely fun. I’m glad, and I’m proud!’