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Shake Your Money Maker (Live)

2lp + 7" - £29.99 | Buy
On the band's 30th Anniversary of their breakout album 'Shake Your Money Maker' they recorded the entire tour and chose the performances that would ...


cd - £9.99 | Buy
celebrating its 50th anniversary, The band covers 6 songs released in 1972 by The Temptations, The Rolling Stones, T-Rex, Rod Stewart, Little Feat and David Bow...

CROWEOLOGY (10th Anniversary Edition)

limited gold & black 3lp + download - £42.99 | Buy
After touring in 2009, The Black Crowes spent time at the Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles, recording over 20 songs from their 20 year history.

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Blackberry Smoke

Be Right Here

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Hailed as "the reigning heavyweight champions of Southern rock" (No Depression), Atlanta-based quintet Blackberry Smoke is back with their 8th studio ...

El Camino (10th Anniversary Edition)

limited super deluxe 5 x 140g high performance lp housed in numbered box w/ 100pp photobook + car-shaped air freshener + lithograph + poster - £135.99 | Buy
limited super deluxe 4cd housed in 60pp photobook - £30.99 | Buy

140g high performance 3lp in one of 3 randomly assigned sleeves (each one has a different colour car!) - £43.99 | Buy
the duo have really gone to town with the 10th anniversary celebration of their landmark 7th album.
Happiness Bastards
  1. Bedside Manners
  2. Rats and Clowns
  3. Cross Your Fingers
  4. Wanting and Waiting
  5. Wilted Rose f
  6. Lainey Wilson
  7. Dirty Cold Sun
  8. Bleed It Dry
  9. Flesh Wound
  10. Follow the Moon
  11. Kindred Friend


Happiness Bastards

  • 180g black lp

    Released: 15th Mar 2024

  • indies only "vinyl look" cd

    Released: 15th Mar 2024

  • CD

    Released: 15th Mar 2024

  • limited indies only clear lp

    Released: 15th Mar 2024


From the album's first sizzling riff, you wouldn't know that this return from the brothers Robinson has been a decade and a half in the making - it picks right up where 'Before The Frost' left off - all stomping beats, arena-sized choruses, and the sort of licks that'll make your fretboard cry.

15 years after their last album of original music, the Robinson Brothers present 'Happiness Bastards' - their 10th studio album. Some may say the project has been several tumultuous years in the making, but we argue it's arriving at just the right time. Call it brotherly love or music destiny that brought them back together, the highly anticipated record consecrating the reunion of this legendary band just may be the thing that saves rock & roll. In a time where the art form is buried beneath the corporate sheen of its successors, The Black Crowes are biting back with the angst of words left unsaid penned on paper and electrified by guitar strings, revealing stripped, bare-boned rock & roll. No gloss, no glitter, just rhythm and blues at it's very best - gritty, loud, and in your face.