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Etrange Hiver
  1. Wild Love ft. Keren Ann
  2. Ginkgo ft. Chien Noir
  3. Speeding Cars ft. Clou
  4. Étrange Hiver ft. Alex Beaupain
  5. Sans Lumière ft. Vanille
  6. For My Confessor ft. Aïtone
  7. Lover's Souvenir ft. Rose
  8. Habit Of You ft. Naya
  9. Half On My Mind ft. Alma Forrer
  10. Lost In Translation ft. Julien Brocal
  11. Inherit The Wind ft. Helena Noguerra

Tom McRae

Etrange Hiver

Buzzard Tree
  • LP

    Released: 15th Mar 2024

  • CD

    Released: 8th Mar 2024


An exquisite collection of original duets with renowned French artists, such as Keren Ann, Chien Noir, Alex Beaupain, Clou and more.

McRae decided to collaborate on these 11 new songs with various artists as a way of acknowledging his deep love of French music, and deepen his relationship with mainland Europe, following Britain’s disastrous decision to leave the EU.