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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (2021 expanded edition)

2lp - £22.99
In 1994 Come responded to the difficult-second-album stereotype with the hypnotic, intense and emotional masterpiece ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell&rsq...
Eleven:Eleven (Deluxe Edition) (RSD 24)
  1. Submerge
  2. Dead Molly
  3. Brand New Vein
  4. Off To One Side
  5. Bell
  6. William
  7. Sad Eyes
  8. Power Failure
  9. Orbit


  1. Fast Piss Blues
  2. I Got The Blues.

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  1. Dead Molly
  2. William
  3. Submerge
  4. Last Mistake
  5. Fast Piss Blues
  6.  Bell
  7. Car
  8. SVK.


Eleven:Eleven (Deluxe Edition) (RSD 24)

fire records
  • Record Store Day 2024 - LP + Bonus 7" & Download

    Released: 20th Apr 2024

    £31.99 £15.98

Deluxe 30th anniversary re-issue of cult Boston band’s 1992 debut.

Featuring the intense guitar interplay of Thalia Zedek and Chris Brokaw. Acclaimed by Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis, Husker Du’s Bob Mould and Kurt Cobain. An awe-inspiring collision of noise via American blues-rock with thunderous rhythms holding together every six-string duel. A cathartic and euphoric hail of noise that’s succinctly tailored for maximum effect. An album that defined Zadek and Brokaw's songwriting partnerships as one of the most original bands of the 90s, tirelessly meshing their blues-infected ballads with feedback and epic instrumental breakdowns. “A uniquely sludgy, electric, and strong fusion of sounds and styles, combining extreme angst and commanding power." AllMusic // In addition, the nine original tracks are extended with the ‘Fast Piss Blues’ single and its flipside, a cover of The Rolling Stones’ ‘I Got the Blues’. The re-issue package also includes a download link to ‘Live At Vermonstress Festival' recorded on the 10th on November 1992. “Like watching someone howl into a rainstorm."" Entertainment Weekly // “A suitably visceral live recording.” Record Collector.