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  1. (call me) Friday
  2. DennisRodman
  3. devils
  4. Don't Talk To Me
  5. InAWeek (anything can happen)
  6. Monica Too
  7. drive.
  8. Emmanuelle
  9. LVR
  10. TICKE

Bad With Phones


Don’t Sleep
  • limited black lp (pre-order)

    Expected Release: 12th Jul 2024


Bad With Phones, aka Manny - a vocalist, guitarist and frontman from Deptford - has created this debut album of 10 epic songs that are low key hypnagogic and soaked in bliss and damage.

Like what Tyler The Creator, Grace Jones or Basquiat might sound like if they’d grown up in 1990s Deptford listening to Sade and David Bowie. With standout tracks like ‘DennisRodman’, ‘Devils’, ‘drive.’ and the exhilarating ‘Ticket’, ‘CRASH’ is packed with intimate anthems and comedown soothers for the day after a mangled night. 'CRASH' serves as a dance with the shadows, immersing the listener in a sonic sci-fi series where each track unfolds like an episode with Bad With Phones, the central character in this captivating narrative, to navigate through a terrain of soundscapes.