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Five Legged Dog

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The Melvins announce their most ambitious project yet: Five Legged Dog (Oct.

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Pissed Jeans

Half Divorced

limited "loser edition" coke bottle green lp - £23.99 | Buy
cd - £12.99 | Buy
it's time to slap on your soggy denims asthe philadelphians have gone from being 'half idiots' to 'half divorced' and cranked everything up ...

Earth 2 (30th anniversary repress)

black 2lp - £28.99 | Buy
The album that set the whole doom drone boulder rolling, ever so slowly down a lava-strewn mountain side, gets a re-do for thirty years spent circling the sun.


  1. Pain Equals Funny
  2. Working the Ditch
  3. She’s Got Weird Arms
  4. Allergic to Food
  5. Smiler



  • limited indies only silver streak lp

    Released: 19th Apr 2024

  • black lp

    Released: 19th Apr 2024

  • cd

    Released: 19th Apr 2024


Ever the experimenters, for their 27th album Buzz and the boys took a different approach, building on a loose framework in the studio that then expanded into a full-force, heavily ratcheted and doom-zonked Melvins assault that hits just as hard as their dual-drummed live experience.

Maximum sludge yields maximum fun. 'Tarantula Heart' is like nothing the band has ever done before. Probably the best record they’ve ever recorded. Certainly one of their weirdest. The five song album centers around the mammoth 19-minute opening track “Pain Equals Funny” and the noise laden heavy hitter “Working the Ditch.” In addition to the core three members, also appearing on the album are second drummer Roy Mayorga (Ministry, Soulfly, Stone Sour and Nausea) and We Are The Asteroid guitar player Gary Chester, who the Melvins recently toured with. “The way we approached Tarantula Heart was different than any other Melvins’ album,” explains Buzz Osborne. “I had Dale and Roy Mayorga come in and play along with Steven and I to some riffs, then I took those sessions and figured out what parts would work and wrote new music to fit. This isn’t a studio approach we’ve ever taken. Usually we have the songs written BEFORE we start recording!”

Buzz often surprises fans and friends with the diverse influences that factor into his process; you’re just as likely to find him enjoying Judy Garland classics one moment and diving into the raw energy of The Birthday Party the next. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Miles Davis, a master of the improvisation studio approach which showcased the talent and creativity of his collaborators certainly influenced Osborne’s approach to Tarantula Heart.