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Hollywood Undead

New Empire, Vol. 1


very limited selected retail only aqua blue with black splatter lp (1000 only) + download

Released: 14th Feb 2020


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Blending metal with rap, EDM & dubstep was always going to be a tough task but Hollywood Undead pull it off with an unlikely air of self-assurance.

“New Empire, Vol. 1” is comprised of nine high-energy tracks that showcase the band embracing a heavier, hard-rock sound whilst introducing an array of synthesisers and programmed drums to create something new and vital. “Established fans will love this album.  It has solid writing, elevated vocals, standout beats, and heavy lyrical content.  It also gives the mainstream metal fan a harder taste of EDM that they may not hear often or are familiar with.  If you want something different but still tasty fare, give this one a listen!” 8/10 – Metal Wani

New Empire, Vol. 1


  1. Time Bomb
  2. Heart Of A Champion
  3. Already Dead
  4. Empire
  5. Killin It
  6. Enemy
  7. Upside Down
  8. Second Chances
  9. Nightmare