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the allergies


7" - £16.99 | Buy
the Bristol-based duo break new ground, sampling the incredible Deli Sosimi and heading out on the housier side of things, working a deadly dancefloor 4/4 aroun...
the allergies

going to the party

7" - £16.99 | Buy
Feel-good funk and hip-hop duo, The Allergies, offer up one last ray of audio sunshine from their smash hit album, Promised Land.
Promised Land
  1. Lean On You (feat Dynamite MC)
  2. Love Somebody
  3. Promised Land
  4. New Thing
  5. Utility Man (feat Andy Cooper)
  6. Move On Baby
  7. Going To The Party (feat Lyrics Born)
  8. Are You Ready? (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith)
  9. Working On Me
  10. Jumping Off
  11. The Beat
  12. Up Down Left Right (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith)
  13. You

the allergies

Promised Land

jalapeno records
  • Pink LP + download

    Released: 1st Oct 2021


This nourishing album of feel-good funk, hip-hop swagger, and dusty vintage loops, is everything we need right now.

Across the 13 tracks, producers Rackabeat and DJ Moneyshot dig deep into their souls, as well as their record collections, serving up a day-glo blast of super positive sampledelia that'll have you smiling from ear to ear. Built from scratch during lockdown, each song offers up a world to lose yourself in, free from any and all dark clouds. It's their Promised Land, and everyone is welcome to bask in the sunshine. Along for the ride is LA rap legend, Andy Cooper [Ugly Duckling], soul sensation Marietta Smith, dance music heavyweight, Dynamite MC, and the unmistakable voice of hip-hop royalty, Lyrics Born. Everyone got the memo, as career-best performances roll one after the other. And each singer, rapper, scratcher, and sampler, unites through the power of good good music. Highlights on the LP include the swamp blues meets half-time hip-hop monster, 'Lean On You'. The Latin funk bomb, 'Move On Baby'. Soul rollers 'New Thing' and 'Are You Ready', and the show-stopping and stirring Moby-ish beat banger, 'Promised Land'. Almost a concept album, the idea of fresh starts, strange new worlds, loss, solidarity, freedom, and the communities we find in clubs, festivals, and making and sharing music, began to come out, organically, through the song-writing process. "In a weird way the album wrote itself," says DJ Moneyshot. "We'd be lost in our own little world of hypnotic loops as days passed, and samples jumped out of the shelves, and just started to make sense as they got chopped and layered into these tracks."