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Max Richter

Hostiles (Original soundtrack)



Released: 9th Feb 2018


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2LP + download

Released: 30th Mar 2018


on yet another commanding soundtrack, richter uses an abstract orchestral language based upon resonating drones and various string textures to convey the emotional interplay between characters amidst the yawning landscape of the American western frontier.

“The landscape is a huge part of this film,” adds Richter. “It offers this sort of medium for the characters to find their story in, but it’s all held in this extraordinary landscape, which can be populated also by music […] the score is thematic. It has strong melodic elements in the foreground for these main characters set against this background of a kind of abstract orchestral writing.”

Hostiles (Original soundtrack)


  1. The First Scalp
  2. A Woman Alone
  3. Leaving The Compound
  4. Cradle To The Grave
  5. Scream At The Sky
  6. Camanche Ambush
  7. Where We Belong
  8. River Crossing
  9. A New Introduction
  10. Leaving Fort Winslow
  11. How Shall A Sparrow Fly
  12. What Did They Die For?
  13. The Lord's Rough Ways
  14. Something To Give
  15. The Last Of Them
  16. Appeasing The Chief
  17. Yellow Hawk's Warning
  18. Never Goodbye
  19. Rosalee Theme