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some say I so I say light

Play It Again Sam


Released: 6th May 2013



Released: 6th May 2013


industrial beats, sonorous piano lines & hyper-detailed ornamentation provide a backdrop for the rapper’s uncanny lyrical skill at mixing the abstract & the concrete.

the lyrics that come through on this album are as rooted in everyday life as ever, though: from unopened mail to takeaway meals, ghostpoet is never less than completely identifiable. from upbeat opener ‘cold win’, an old-school garage influenced electronic oddity that builds up gradually with cinematic swells of horns & skipping staccato beats to 'dorsal morsel', which develops from a sparse, minimal meditation with gwilym gold's vocals into a 'synth utopia', the songs shapeshift almost imperceptibly, ending up somewhere completely different to where they started. the delicacy of ‘comatose’ winds up as glorious, string-led chamber music. elsewhere, ‘plastic bag brain’, which features tony allen on drums & dave okumu from the invisible on guitar, fuses afro beat guitar riffs & shuffling two-tone rhythms. electronic static, radio signals & beats that crunch like footsteps through snow form the basis for ghostpoet's ruminations on dim sum & noodles on ‘msi musmid’, while ‘12 deaf’ is an aqueous, abstract soundscape. "the whimsical, nursery-rhyme cadences are all but gone, replaced by an observational spirit of reflection" 4/5 - the skinny.

some say I so I say light

  1. old Win
  2. Them Waters
  3. Dial Tones
  4. Plastic Bag Brain
  5. ThymeThymeThyme
  6. Meltdown
  7. Sloth Trot
  8. Dorsal Morsel
  9. MSI musmiD
  10. 12 Deaf
  11. Comatose