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amen & goodbye



Released: 1st Apr 2016


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Released: 1st Apr 2016


you can never accuse yeasayer of stagnating - the errant psych prog of ‘all hour cymbals’ and ‘odd blood’ surface here, alongside the mutant pop of ‘fragrant world’ but this is an altogether new beast.

losing their more open ended touches, this is yeasayer built from the ground up. skewed, john cale-esque damaged orchestral experimentation clashes with beck-style warped pop and an early eno (think 'taking tiger mountain') sense of fundamental song structure experimentation all intertwining with their idiosyncratic approach to flowing and ebbing tunes. once again yeasayer are the great re-inventers – always changing yet staying fundamentally purveyors of hugely enjoyable leftfield pop. “hipster beatniks’ colourful prog folly” – 7/10 uncut

amen & goodbye


  1. Daughters Of Cain
  2. I Am Chemistry
  3. Silly Me
  4. Half Asleep
  5. Dead Sea Scrolls
  6. Prophecy Gun
  7. Computer Canticle 1
  8. Divine Simulcrum
  9. Child Prodigy
  10. Gerson’s Whistle
  11. Uma
  12. Cold Night
  13. Amen & Goodbye