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Rare Stock

Acid Jazz UK


Released: 22nd Mar 2019



Released: 22nd Mar 2019


The tracks range from extracts taken from their original demo tape that won them their contract at Acid Jazz - ‘Goober Grape’ and ‘Hikky Burr’ - to the abandoned sessions for an abandoned fourth album in the middle of the decade, from which an early version of the compelling ‘Clockwork Man’ appeared.

Rare Stock


  1. Clockwork Man (Louder Faster Version)
  2. Man Alive
  3. Goober Grape (The Living Room Sessions)
  4. Summer In My Eye (Eddie Piller Remix)
  5. Finally Atlanta (Demo)
  6. Mini (Ashley Beedle Remix)
  7. The Mandelbrot Set
  8. Hikky Burr (The Living Room Sessions)
  9. Get Ron Carter
  10. Very Yeah (Sing-Song Version)
  11. E-Type (Demo)