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Guided By Voices

down by the racetrack

guided by voices inc


Released: 18th Feb 2013

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a particular kind of lo-fi weirdness, from the spooky background “aahs” on 'pictures of the man' to the drunk piano bashing on 'standing in a puddle of flesh'.

'down by the racetrack' is guided by voices stretching out in a way not seen since early to mid-’90s eps like 'get out my stations' or 'clown prince of the menthol trailer'. the mix of wild, tossed-off vocals, raw guitar chug & skewed 'eleanor rigby' / 'see emily play' sweetness could only have originated from the midwest-warped minds of dayton’s canniest rock warlocks. a total of 6 limited 7”s will be released over the next 3 months.

down by the racetrack