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factory floor & peter gordon

beachcombing / c side


limited 12"

Released: 13th May 2013


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driven by a kinetic synth bass line, 'beachcombing' has an almost kraftwerk-esque clarity, albeit a kraftwerk bound cosmos-wards.

featuring gordon alongside factory floor's nik colk void and gabriel gurnsey, electronics flicker and pattern the track, while void's vocals are transmuted into a distant, ancient murmuring. gordon's soprano saxophone is a fluid element, dropping in and out of focus, sometimes gliding, others frenetically spasm-ing, building towards a final, cataclysmic endpoint. 'c side', gordon's collaboration with ff's dominic butler, by contrast, forefronts the sax, over looped piano and an almost motorik beat, gilded later by synth chords, forging something that approaches a synthpop-like sheen.

beachcombing / c side


  1. beachcombing
  2. c side