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black 12" + d/l

Released: 1st Jul 2013


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Tame Impala's debut 10" ep release of 2008, originally only available in australia, with 2 tracks for the first time on vinyl.

Originally reissued on RSD 2013 on red vinyl, the demand was so great the ep has now been repressed, but this time on standard black vinyl. The songs on the EP were selected from a list of approximately 20 songs that Kevin Parker had recorded as far back as 2003, which he had sent to their label Modular Recordings. Speaking about the EP release Parker said "Most of the songs on the EP were never meant to be heard by the rest of Perth, let alone the rest of the world. They were just recorded for my own listening sake, and burning a CD of it and putting it in my car and giving it to my friends." We're very glad he chose to share them with us though. Comes with download codes.



  1. Desire Be Desire Go
  2. Skeleton Tiger
  3. Half Full Glass Of Wine
  4. Forty One Mosquitoes Flying In Formation
  5. Slide Through My Fingers
  6. Wander