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Released: 1st Jul 2013


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Drenge are back & their New single doesn’t shy away from the visceral garage-punk-rock we’re used to from the Loveless brothers.

"They’ve got the two-piece dynamic totally nailed down now: Eoin attends to guitar-god solos, Rory rains down upon his kit with eye-wincing ferocity. ‘Backwaters’ bounds along on a QOTSA rifling combo of rubbery guitar, tinny snare whips and open hi-hats.The duo bare their bloodied gums at the 1.50 mark; a snarling crunching riff compliments their warped harmonies, a sort of slit-throat gurgling, "I got missin’ teethhh, gotta lot of those"...they’re interested in little more than carving their names into the garage-rock Wall of Fame with broken beer bottles. Cherish them" - line of best fit.



  1. Backwaters
  2. Necromance Is Dead