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Venom P. Stinger

Waiting Room

Drag City


Released: 19th Aug 2013


Reissue of an early ep from the acclaimed Melbourne noise/punk rockers (who included two thirds of the future dirty 3 line-up).

Venom P. Stinger attacked in a modified, somewhat streamlined hardcore punk style, with Mick’s burnt & twisted guitar tone setting them apart. Also unique was Jim White’s drumming, which appeared to be born of a drum roll that grows & grows until it has eclipsed the entire kit, played with casual aplomb while never sparing the rod to any aimed-for surface. Meanwhile, bassist Alan Secher-Jensen nailed these loosely divergent styles together with nice heavy root notes. Dugald McKenzie’s vocalising was a ferocious, largely apolitical transference of personal experience, all about conveying the awful qualities of life with throaty sensuousness & dirty glee. A band with this kind of errant power fronted by a reprobate like Dugald, it made for madly entertaining music.

Waiting Room


  1. Inside The Waiting Room
  2. I Try, I Really Try
  3. Turning Green
  4. In Love