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morgan zarate

taker ep



Released: 4th Oct 2013


Zarate's futuristic pop constructions & elegant takes on hip hop & R&B on this new EP are really something to behold.

Take lead track 'Pusher Taker'. With Roses Gabor's softly sung vocal & with the kind of melodic hooks & chords that wouldn't be out of place on a psychedelic period Prince production, the track still ends up sounding contemporary as a high contrast pop grime mutation with whipping snares. 'Kaytsu' is pretty much Hypertrap, with rolling beats, delayed chords & snares rolling across heavy bass kicks, creating a dynamic rhythmic vortex. 'Far Too Late' featuring Tawiah is clap heavy R&B with energetic mid range funky worms & wooshing synths accompanying Tawiah's angry vocal. Finally, 'Tayco' explores a kind of future primitive grime, to good effect. It’s a mixture of glassy industrial sounds & what sound like acoustic drums & wooden hits that give the track a really unusual feel, the rhythm track builds up & down with a real sense of urgency.

taker ep


  1. Pusher Taker (featuring Roses Gabor)
  2. Kaytsu
  3. Far Too Late (featuring Tawiah)
  4. Tayco