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Six Organs Of Admittance


Drag City


Released: 16th Feb 2015



Released: 16th Feb 2015


an intense & unhinged offering from ben chasny's primary musical project, featuring his old compatriot from Comets On Fire, Noel Von Harmonson, on drums, as well as his partner in Badgerlore, Rob Fisk, on bass.

San Francisco psych legend Charlie Saufley takes on bass duties as well. The album brews and boils with an ominously dark tone in a desolate space, somehow dense with energy, guitar overdriven past the point of sanity, slamming drum accents, vocals cutting through in what seems to be comprised of another, as yet unheard, language. Yet, inside the apparent wild abandon and destruction is a strict internal logic of construction that unveils itself upon listening.




  1. The Ram
  2. Wax Chance
  3. Maximum Hexadic
  4. Hesitant Grand Light
  5. Hollow River
  6. Sphere Path Code C
  7. Future Verbs
  8. Vestige
  9. Guild