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Sun Araw

The Saddle of The Increate

Sun Ark


Released: 24th Mar 2017



Released: 24th Mar 2017


Tom recommends: “truly odd, and yet somehow his most accessible album to date, cameron stallones continues to peel away the last vestiges of psychedelic wash from his music to leave us with a sparse, jarring, humorous, fun, weirdly pop, occasionally groovy and completely singular album of post-everything madness.

..somehow still appropriate as barbecue music”

Arthur Russell-esque rhythm experiments, black moth super rainbow playfulness together and the ability to boil pop music down to its bare bones make this a fantastically weird listen. weirdly the most grabbing thing is how sparse it is – they really know how to make you lean in to pay attention to even the most spacious moments. it may have been composed as “a meta-physical romantic comedy of self about the roping and directing of cattle” but the end result is simply an eclectic, unpredictable yet accessible and hugely rewarding album of experimental music eating itself.

The Saddle of The Increate


  1. A Golden Boot
  2. Lassie
  3. A Chute
  4. Orthrus
  5. Spurs
  6. Campfires
  7. Hop Along
  8. Slope Of Geryon
  9. Blue Gene
  10. Amplitude
  11. 40 Hooves
  12. Two Creeks
  13. Release
  14. On Plateau