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Bout Des Doigts

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Released: 24th Jun 2016


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the psych rock giants revisit their shoegaze roots in ‘Bout des Doigts’, an oft-bootlegged, once remastered & now finally spruced up song that dates back to 1991.

Originally released as a hand-distributed, hand-dubbed, cassette, titled 'Pol Pot’s Pleasure Penthouse' – for the longest time, this collection was the stuff of legend; a hard-to-find snapshot of Anton Newcombe’s soon to be seminal outfit at their rawest. After Burger Records remastered and reissued 'Pol Pot’s Pleasure Penthouse' last year, BJM recorded a new version of its stand-out opening track, 'Fingertips', recruiting the help of sometime collaborator Tess Parks, on vocals. 'Bout des doigts' is a French language version of the same song featuring Rike (Friedrike) Bienert on vocals - a sprawling, expansive, belter of a song. Recorded in 2016 in Anton’s studio in Berlin , Anton gathered Dan Alliare (drums), Colliin Hegna (bass), Joel Gion (tambourine), Ricky Maymi (guitar) & Ryan Van Kriedt (guitar) to record this release.

Bout Des Doigts


  1. Bout des doigts
  2. Fingertips